Our firm can help clients establish solid working relationships with decision-makers of both parties throughout Florida government. We can act as your primary liaison with all levels of government or complement your existing law firm representation. We work to ensure that your message is communicated powerfully and effectively.

Strategic Planning

We can provide you with value-added strategic planning capabilities and we will work closely with you to formulate legislative or regulatory goals and winning strategies.

We can help you to better understand how your needs fit into the broader political context. We can help you to extend the appeal of your issue across partisan lines. We can help you to shape your proposal, work with you to identify champions within the government and the Legislature, and formulate a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals.

Coalition Building

Our firm can help to organize your industry or business and reach out to trade associations, institutions, government officials and the public to assemble an interest group base in support of your issue. 

Grassroots Communications

On an increasing number of issues, effective government action depends on the ability to generate grassroots support from organizations and individuals "back in the district" who share policy goals. We specialize in helping clients to identify and make effective contact with their natural constituencies (employees, customers, local elected officials, similarly situated industries, organized interest groups, etc.) to stimulate their interest and get them involved in the political process. In carrying out grassroots campaigns, we offer website and computer services, mailing list management, telephone support, preparation of direct mail and informational materials, on-the-ground organizing resources and other services. 

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