We are a government and public affairs consulting firm built on trusted relationships and effective grassroots strategies.  

Confianza Consulting, Inc. was founded by Matthew D. Ubben in March of 2001.  Confianza is a Spanish word that means “trust.”

Ubben’s public affairs experience spans three decades and two hemispheres.  He most recently lead the Florida Transportation Commission as executive director, where he has previously served as public affairs director in the late 1990s.

Ubben worked with nine Governor-appointed Commissioners from throughout the state to provide leadership to meet Florida’s transportation needs through policy guidance on issues of statewide importance and by maintaining oversight and public accountability for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Prior to the Commission, Ubben served as President of Floridians for Better Transportation, where he championed the cause of transportation investment and convened a series of annual high-profile transportation summits. Previously, Ubben was vice president of the Florida Trucking Association for five years.

Ubben’s transportation chops date back nearly 30 years to his early career in Washington DC, where he served as public affairs manager for United Technologies Corporation and the Helicopter Association International.

Having grown up in the Canal Zone, Republic of Panama, Ubben retains strong ties to Panama and has led several successful missions to Panama for Florida transportation leaders to leverage the expansion of the Panama Canal to Florida’s benefit.

Ubben also serves on the External Advisory Board of the University of Florida’s Transportation Institute. Though Ubben himself is a “Gaucho”, having graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, he has four Gator children and a soon to be University Central Florida Knight.

Besides his transportation background, Ubben has extensive experience in Florida government, having served former Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan when he was Commission of Education; serving as legislative and Cabinet Affairs director for the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and Director of External Affairs for the Division of State Group Insurance.

His political experience includes a stint as a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee and director of MCI Corporation’s PAC.

Ubben received a B.A. in Political Science, International Relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Ubben is married to Michelle Ubben, president of Sachs Media Group, an independent full-service public relations agency located in Tallahassee, Florida.  He is the father to six children.


Although Ubben was born in San Diego, California, he grew up in the Canal Zone, Republic of Panama.  His father served in the United States Navy and was stationed in the Canal Zone during his 20 years of service.  Following his retirement from the Navy, Ubben’s father returned to the Canal Zone and continued his federal service as a Canal Zone policeman.

Ubben’s brother, Captain Ramon D. Ubben, is a Panama Canal Pilot and pilots the largest ships through the newly expanded Panama Canal.